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Frequently Asked Questions

Jets and Subs

How do I change the voltage on my jet pump?
Follow the instructions on the motor nameplate, in the Jet Instruction Manual, or under Terminal Board and Voltage Change Plug in the Technical Manual.

How do I prime my pump?
Priming means filling the pump and suction pipe with water. You must evacuate the air from all the suction lines and the pump. It may take several minutes to prime depending on depth to water, pipe size and length. Note: it is easier to prime a pump if you allow all the air to escape from the pump and pipes. The water cannot go in unless the air can escape.

I have a 1/2 hp jet pump manufactured by a Goulds competitor. Will a 1/2 hp Goulds jet pump give me the same flow?
It depends. Pumps should always be sized based on the application (head and flow), not the horsepower of the old pump. While many 1/2 hp jet pumps have very similar performance, it should be known that pumps are available in high flow or high pressure models with very different performance characteristics.

My pump will not hold prime, why?
Pumps do not hold prime, the piping system does that job. Jet pumps must be primed on the original start-up. They will reprime after that as long as the footvalve or check valve holds and there is no air leak on the suction side of the pump. See "Priming" in the Jet Instruction Manual.

What is the recommended cycle time to extend pump life in a home water system?
The pump should have a minimum cycle time of at least one minute.

Will a 1/2 hp competitor submersible pump give me the same flow as a Goulds 1/2 hp submersible pump?
Our 1/2 hp submersible pumps are available in four (4) models. They are designed to flow 5, 7, 10 or 13 gpm. Make sure that you are comparing not only horsepower, but also the flow and head produced by the pump. Your Goulds Professional Pumps Dealer can explain this in greater detail.

Will performance improve if I install a larger motor on my submersible or jet pump? For example, a 10GS05 with 3/4 hp motor?
Absolutely not. GPM and head are based on speed and impeller diameter. Using a larger horsepower motor does not affect speed and therefore will not change performance.


How do I buy a Goulds Pump?
To find your local Goulds Pumps dealer, you can click on the "Dealer Locator" on the website, or check your Yellow pages under "pumps".

I have a pump motor that says "Gould" on it. Did Goulds Pumps manufacture this motor?
No. Goulds Pumps does not manufacture motors. If you have a motor that says "Gould" on it, it is probably made by Gould - Magnetek, a separate company not affiliated with Goulds Pumps. Anything manufactured by Goulds Pumps will have the GP logo on it or will have Goulds Pumps printed across it.

My Goulds Pumps Hydro Pro Water System Tank has a leak. Can this be repaired?
No. If a leak occurs in the tank or diaphragm of the tank, the tank will need to be replaced. If this leak occurred within 5 years, return the tank for warranty consideration.

What should my bladder tank pressure setting (psi) be?
On a jet or submersible pumping system, the pressure in the tank should be set at 2 psi below system cut-in pressure. For a "Balanced Flow System", the pressure in the tank should be set at 10 psi below the system pressure.

Sewage Pumps/Panels

A complete package is very common from other manufacturers. Do you offer any packages?
Goulds Pumps offers a standard package for the residential grinder, as well as custom packages upon request.

Are there any rules for sizing receiver basins?
In some areas, local codes may dictate the size of the receiver basin. If not, the most important guideline is to make sure the basin is big enough to do the job. Select a receiver basin with a total volume of 2 to 3 times the pump capacity. If possible, specify a tall basin rather than a wide basin. If the basin is too wide, solids may settle out on the bottom and cause service problems.

Does it void the warranty to cut the plug from the cord?
No. It has no effect on warranty or agency listings such as U.L. or C.S.A.

Goulds Pumps offers a full line of panels for sewage pumps, but do they offer anyting not already listed?
We quote special panels directly from the vendor daily, and we welcome any special requests.

How should pumps be sized in a duplex system?
A duplex system divides the pumping load between the two pumps and provides backup in case of failure. For this reason, each pump and discharge pipe should be sized to handle the maximum anticipated flow.

The pump is powered and running with no liquid being delivered. What could be the problem?
The pump is probably airbound. Drill a 3/16" hole 2" above the pump in the discharge line to allow the air to escape.

What is the recommended pump down level for a sewage pump?
Goulds Pumps recommends that the motor must remain covered in water during pumping. We realize this may be difficult when using small basins for confined spaces. Our recommendation is for optimal pump life.

What is the recommended size of piping on the discharge of a pump?
Discharge piping should be at least as large as the discharge of the pump.



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